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About Company

Thanks to many years of experience in the market of metals and metallurgical raw materials, we effectively solve the following tasks of our customers

  • purchase of products in a short time;
  • search for rare metals and alloys;
  • delivery of small batches of products, where the minimum installation rate of production is significantly higher than the annual demand of the buyer;
  • help in choosing the material for certain purposes;
  • checking the compliance of the quality of the material with GOST;
  • keeping prices at an acceptable level in the face of a sharp rise in the price of products from manufacturers;

Firmly adhering to several fundamental principles of work, we have gained the trust of our customers and suppliers, achieved high credit ratings, and successfully pass any inspections of regulatory authorities in the supply of materials for export and to the defense industry.

One of the main aspects of our work is quality control and ensuring the safety of the delivered products.

Any purchased material has its own shelf life and storage conditions, regulated by GOST, or other regulatory document. If these conditions are not met and the materials are exposed to all kinds of meteorological influences (precipitation, temperature changes, wind, etc.), then they soon become unusable – corrosion occurs, and the corresponding physical and chemical characteristics are lost. Therefore, we ensure the proper storage of all products in a closed heated warehouse, which allows you to maintain the chemical composition and physical properties throughout the shelf life. If necessary, the purchased material is cleaned from foreign inclusions, garbage, slag, dried, packed in the appropriate container.

We regularly provide our customers with raw materials at affordable prices, eliminating the risks caused by strong fluctuations in the prices of metals and currencies. To do this, our specialists regularly analyze prices from the largest producers of metallurgical raw materials, record changes in world prices on stock exchanges, and also study data on metal prices received from statistical agencies. On the basis of which, a decision is made on the purchase of a particular material to the warehouse.

Quality control of all products is carried out in an accredited laboratory strictly in accordance with GOST standards that regulate sampling and analysis of the chemical composition – the content of the main element and harmful impurities in the material. For these purposes, we never use devices for conducting spectral analysis of chemical composition, since they have a large error, which does not allow us to determine the content of harmful impurities with the necessary accuracy.

Not only the materials are checked, but also all our counterparties, which allows us to guarantee the legal purity of transactions and to answer to the regulatory authorities. It is mandatory to request all the constituent documents, accounting statements, check the affiliation of the organization and managers, the presence of debts, courts, and so on.